Sandra Fonarob

Travel Blogger - Tourism Association Dahme-Seenland
Sandra grew up 35 years ago in Brandenburg. In an area where no buses ran and where, in the dark, a single lantern on every street corner cast a skinny cone of light onto the sandy roadway. Despite years of living in other states, she can't deny her roots. After all, there's nothing like reed-lined, Märkische lakes, rustling forests, shady avenues and sleepy villages with bumpy cobblestones. That's why the sight of her hiking backpack every Monday makes her look forward to the coming weekend.
In her reports as a "Wanderjenosse" she is less concerned with route descriptions, but more with rural Brandenburg, about her experiences and impressions - in short, about the stories along the way. As a certified nature and landscape guide, the beauty of Brandenburg's vast natural landscapes opens up to her with a sound theoretical background.