Berlin Travel Festival




We can get started on processing your media accreditation as soon as we receive more information about the media you’re working with. Please upload at least one of the following forms of legitimation as a .pdf or .jpg on our accreditation page.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about accreditation, legitimation or just need more info.

Journalists and photographers


Journalists for print and online media, TV, radio, news agencies and photographers are requested to upload at least one of the following documents:

– A valid press pass from a recognized agency.*

– Articles published within the last six months and attributed to you as the author. The medium and date of publication must be identifiable.

– Masthead from a current publication, confirming you as a contributor to the editorial content.

– Official letter from the editorial office confirming your contribution to the editorial work for the event.

* Please note that the presentation of a press pass is usually not the only criterion for accreditation. We may request further evidence to verify journalistic activity in accordance with the above-mentioned points.

Special requirements

Editorial contribution to online media

Online media must be established, independent websites that are regularly updated with original as well as relevant content and which maintain an adequate reach.

Radio and TV media and freelance production teams

Members of the media working in radio and TV or with freelance production teams are required to submit an official letter from the broadcasting station confirming their editorial contribution.

Blogger and Content Creator


In order to obtain accreditation, the subject of your blog must be related to tourism or travel. Any blog whose main topic is not travel related will not be accepted. A relevant reach of travel-related social media channels on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook can also be used for accreditation.

– The blog and/or social media channel must already be in existence for six months with regular and relevant posts. Blog items must include your name.

– The visibility of a blog or social media channel must be topical with a reach of at least 5,000 visitors per month or at least

  • Instagram: 20.000 Followers
  • YouTube: 10.000 Followers or
  • Facebook: 5.000 Likes.

Only editors of a blog will be accredited, while we maintain the right to limit the number of people allowed per blog. Only blogs without a sales channel will be admitted.

Media Kit

Please upload corresponding proof and statistics, as a “Media Kit”.

– The Media Kit must be provided in the form of a .pdf file in German or English.

– The relevant data (unique visitors, page impressions and duration of visits) of the last three months from the date of accreditation must be documented using screenshots of independent software such as Google Analytics or Statify.

– The URL of the blog or the name of the relevant social media channel and the date of the screenshot must be visible and identifiable.

Only editors of a blog will be accredited, we reserve the right to limit the number of people allowed per blog. We will only allow blogs without a sales channel.