Jasmin Böhm

Author - Lecturer - Adventure Mom
Jasmin Böhm travelled the world for many years in her 20s and recorded her experiences on her travel blog.

When she became a single mother, she initially embarked on a life that could not have been further from her previous one. Hello hamster wheel and 50-hour week. No time for adventure. There was not even time for the most precious thing in her life, her child. That's why she pulled the ripcord in 2021, quit her jobs without any savings, grabbed her bike and headed for Morocco with her then two-year-old son.

The trip changed their lives forever. Although they were slowed down by the pandemic in southern Spain, it didn't matter, because the journey was the destination. After the trip, the hamster wheel was no longer an option for Jasmin. More journeys followed, including another bicycle tour with over 3000km towards Istanbul.
In the meantime, her book "Hallo Glück, dich gibt's doch" (Hello luck, you do exist) has been published by the Kailash Verlag.