Zwei Räder, zwei Schwestern und 15.000 km

The two sisters Ana and Ida set off from Germany in May 2021 with the idea of cycling far east to collect one euro for every kilometer they covered for the Sea-Watch organization. They didn’t expect that they would end up cycling 15,000 kilometres and actually collecting €15,000. And they expected even less what the sisters experienced along the way.

For their fundraising project “Rette Rette Fahrradkette”, they crossed Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan before galloping back home via Iran, Iraq and Turkey. The two tell of their unbelievable encounters in the Kazakh steppe, Iranian police escorts, Uzbek border crossings and also with an Iraqi religious leader. They show how unbelievably crazy, beautiful and exciting a long-distance bicycle trip can be, especially as a woman.