VON WEGEN – Eine junge Frau 2363 Kilometer allein auf der roten Via Alpina von Triest nach Monaco

Half of Switzerland knows her brother, the freeski world champion Andri, and his breathtaking stunts. But Christina Ragettli is even more courageous. She crossed the Alps in four months on the demanding Via Alpina (red route) from Trieste to Monaco. The young woman from Graubünden hiked alone through six countries and experienced a number of adventures and crazy stories, some of which pushed her to her to her limits. Despite pain, cold, days of rain and almost insurmountable challenges she just kept on hiking every day.

Christina Ragettli is not an extreme sportswoman, she is an ordinary young woman who has realised her dream. Her book shows that long-distance hikes are not just something for for competitive athletes. AS IF! It is also possible with pink nails and pretty hair every day.