Voigtländer Photowalk „Nightshot“

Mehrdad Samak-Abedi (Voigtländer)

Voigtländer and Mehrdad Samak-Abedi invite you to an exciting photo walk with Voigtländer manual fixed focal lengths. Experience the impressive, fast lenses at the “Nightshot” workshop. The Voigtländer expert Mehrdad will show you how to easily take photos at night and give you valuable tips and tricks. You will also have the opportunity to use the high-quality, fast lenses extensively in Berlin at night test and achieve breathtaking results. We recommend that you bring comfortable and warm clothing and (if you have one) a tripod so that nothing stands in the way of a unique night shoot!

Meeting Point: Foto Meyer (D021)



This event is only possible with advance registration.