Jerusalem – City of Dreams and Dramas

Ahmad and Arsan are real Jerusalemites. They are not only born there but passionate about its history and people. You are cordially invited to listen to their stories – why they love their hometown and why you should not miss to visit it.

Jerusalem is not only one of the oldest and most sacred cities of the world. It is also a melting pot of people and a tapestry of cultures. And it is a city that never bores: You walk a mile along the stone paved alleys and you feel like being part of a history drama – with each wall and arch telling stories of thousands of years. Ahmad and Arsen are part of this history. Both are members of Palestinian families, whose roots reach back for generations. As kids they played in medieval courtyards and between ancient ruins. And they have been affected from an early age on by all the conflicts and problems. But all this never stopped their passion for their home country, their love for their communities and people. They know they can make a difference and they do it! And they are more than happy to share all their knowledge and wisdom. They will give you insights about Jerusalem and Palestine which you never will hear or read in the news.