Tiny Foundation

We build social Neighborhoods.
Founded in 2019 by architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel.

What we want: Everyone has the right to the city and to community - regardless of their background and status.
What we do: We create space for social neighborhoods. Specifically, this means: We develop social master plans and advise on neighborhood developments.

How we do it: We develop housing types by building and testing them as prototypes.

Who we are: We are a think tank made up of architects, urban planners, carpenters, media makers and scientists, united by a fearlessness of radical innovation.

We are a non-profit organization and all of our profits go towards projects that promote social neighbourhoods.

Special Deal

You can buy our Tiny Houses! They cost between 24,500 euros and 59,000 euros and are located in Berlin and L√ľneburg.
The proceeds go to new projects for the common good.