One Way. One Car. One Euro
Movacar offers car hire or camper van travel deals for only €1! The offers are transfer rides from renowned car rental companies such as roadsurfer or Europcar. Travellers transfer a vehicle from A to B within Europe or Germany and in exchange they travel almost free of charge. Depending on the transfer route, the rental period is up to 4 days and usually even part of the fuel costs are reimbursed. With the so-called "Rallye Option", the travel time can even be extended to up to 7 days for an additional charge.

Movacar was founded in 2018 by Eustach von Wulffen and Karl Markiewicz. The two car rental professionals created a real win-win situation with Movacar. Car rental companies save costs for expensive vehicle transfers and private travellers enjoy an unbeatable road trip.