MAMEKA, that is us, Maximilian, Marco, Merle and Katja, a family-friends start-up. Founded out of shared passion and responsibility.
We want to continue to live in a world worth living in tomorrow, to be able to marvel at the wonders of nature and show our children untouched landscapes. That's what we stand for. With our Travelbuddy, our goal is to make a contribution to a good tomorrow.

The Travelbuddy: Portable water filter system, stainless steel drinking bottle, multifunctional tool.
Fill the water to be treated into the upper container and simply pump it through the filter block. This will give you clear, pure water in just a few seconds.

- Tested filter performance (LOG 6)
- 100% Made in Germany
- Replaces 9.75 kg of plastic waste per filter
- Up to 1.5 liter filling volume
- Made of high quality stainless steel
- For everyday life, leisure and travel
- Up to 1,300 liters filter