Durable, innovative, and all-natural foods
KoRo specializes in the sale of durable, innovative, and all-natural foods. The name is derived from the initials of the first names of the two founders, Constantinos Calios, known as "Kosta," and Robert Schyska.

In their own online shop, KoRo offers high-quality nut butters, dried fruits, numerous superfoods, and snacks for in-between moments, among other products. The company places a strong focus on quality and innovation: among the more than 1000 products in the shop, customers with different dietary preferences can find suitable items. Whether gluten-free, high in protein, low in sugar, or vegan – KoRo is knowledgeable about current food trends and innovations and shares this knowledge. Additionally, a large portion of the product range is offered in convenient bulk packaging. This is not only good for the pantry but also for the environment.