Photo: centraltec GmbH
Photo: centraltec GmbH

Kattingo Travel App

Your ultimate travel buddy
With Kattingo, you experience a whole new dimension of travel planning and execution. Our app, powered by artificial intelligence, makes planning adventures, road trips, and business travels a breeze.

* AI Travel Planning *
Our absolute highlight is our AI, the Kattingo Travel Buddy. Think of the expertise of a travel agency, combined with the precision and speed of cutting-edge technology. Your Travel Buddy collaborates with you to create your perfect, individually tailored travel plan.

* Route Optimization *
Simply enter any travel stations and Kattingo creates the shortest route between all locations.

* Automatic Scheduling *
Enter the number of nights per station and Kattingo automatically determines arrival and departure dates. This way, you have everything under control even "On the Road."

And much, much more...