The coffee of tomorrow
We know: Sustainability is a path, long-lasting products are the focus of conscious consumer decisions, environmentally friendly coffee equipment does not have to be expensive and everyone has the chance to mindfully prepare and enjoy coffee.
Based on this understanding, Grønenberg wants to help accelerate the transition to a conscious and environmentally friendly coffee culture. Therefore the focus lies on high-quality and robust stainless steel equipment. With an empathetic mindset, good ideas and smart equipment, the team stands for our coffee for tomorrow.

Grønenberg stands out by shipping plastic free and climate-neutral, giving second chances to return sendings or products with little flaws and an excellent spare part service. Decision-making and daily-business are based on the understanding of sustainability as a path where every step counts.

Special Deal

At the BTF you have the possibility to taste our delicious organic and fairtrade coffee. In addition to that, you can benefit of a 10% discount on coffee and coffee equipment and even gets a 20% discount if your shopping value is 60€ or more.
Last but not least, try your luck at our lottery and win a Grønenberg coffee subscription for six months.