Berlin Travel Club

The curious explorer seeking new adventures in style and comfort.
From Culture Surfer to Escape Seeker, from Adventure Collector to Professional Weekender. The Berlin Travel Club is home to the people who bear travel in their hearts. This is a jumping-off point to explore this wild world. Backed up by a network of creative people, artists and travel enthusiasts we offer travel essentials and stylish accessories for your next long trip or just for a weekend at the lake.

Interrail x Berlin Travel Club - Capsule Collection

Just as Interrail and Berlin Travel Club share the same passion for responsible and contemporary travel, both brands also share the same standards when it comes to traveling in style. So what could be more natural than to co-create a super comfortable, top stylish complete outfit for your train journeys. Responsibility for the origin and manufacture of the items is just as important as the promise to look stylish wherever you go in Europe.