Photo: WITO Barnim GmbH / Katharina Henne
Photo: WITO Barnim GmbH / Katharina Henne

Barnimer Land

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Go there, drive there, look, listen - let yourself be involved in the Barnim with all your senses. Take your time for a love that will open up little by little. Slow down, enjoy and actively explore nature, watch history and listen to the stories of the Mark, experience culture - Barnim offers a little of everything.

Ride a boat, bike, Segway, horse-drawn carriage or hike. Pause now and then and take in the country. Lie down on a meadow or by the water and watch the clouds and enjoy nature. The Brandenburg holiday and holiday associations present themselves together
Excursion destinations Barnimer Land, Ruppiner Seenland, the North Brandenburg Water Tourism Initiative and the Mecklenburg Lake District.