The participation in the raffle of I Love Travel GmbH is free of charge and follows these participation conditions.
The raffle will be held from 12/07/2017, 8a.m. to 20/07/2017 6p.m.. I Love Travel GmbH reserves the right to extend the raffle and terminate it at an earlier date without stating any reasons. Participation in our raffle is not restricted to people living at a particular place of residence. All participants must be at least 18 years old
Participating in the raffle is possibly by leaving your contact details (Name, Surname, E-Mail Address) on our raffle registration page online [or mentioning the actual link?] . Only one registration for the raffle per person is possible, and only one prize per person can be claimed. Prize claims can not be transferred to other persons. Prizes shall not be paid out in cash. The winners shall not incur any costs for dispatch or transmission of the prizes.
The prizes will be raffled off on 21/07/2017 among those participants who registered. The winners will be chosen at random after the raffle participation is closed and will be notified via the provided e-mail address. If the winner is not reacting to the notifications after two requests within two weeks of time [ok?], the prize will be passed on to another winner. Legal recourse shall be excluded.