Timo Kohlenberg

CEO America Unlimited GmbH
Timo Kohlenberg was born in Hannover and has always loved to travel. After graduating from high school he went to study at the Design Factory International in Hamburg for three years and finished his studies with a year in London at Bucks New University in Advertising.

After a longer internship in New York City Timo Kohlenberg manages one of the leading USA & Canada tour operators "America Unlimited GmbH" and the luxury travel company "Feinreisen" with about 25 employees.

Timo Kohlenberg is known in the travel industry as a "business punk" or "travel shooting star". His marketing campaigns attract a lot of attention, especially in the conservative travel industry. America Unlimited is honored annually with the Chairman Circle Honor Award.

In 2020, he became heavily politically active to fight for the travel industry during the Corona Crisis. Here, among other things, he achieved success in bridge grants for the entire travel industry.