Sarah Gwiszcz

Fashion Designer
What is unimaginable for Berliners, designer Sarah Gwiszcz made a reality after graduating in 2012: she turned her back on the big city to return to her home in Brandenburg.

There, in her beloved Spreewald, she founded her own label "Wurlawy" in 2014. Freely translated from Sorbian, "Wurlawy" means "wild Spreewald women", which is part of a Sorbian legend. And it is exactly this wild informality that is also evident in the fashion of Sarah Gwiszcz.

Inspired by what she finds on her doorstep, the designer breathes new life into the typical Sorbian Spreewald costumes and catapults them into the present. Traditional patterns and traditional costume details can be found on contemporary design. Wurlawy is the perfect symbiosis of tradition and modernity in wearable fashion.