Puna Kalama Dawson

Hawaiian Cultural Support
Keikilaniwahinealiiopuna (Puna) Kalama Dawson lives on Kauai, Hawaii. As record keeper of the Hawaiian culture and history, she is an internationally honored elder of the Hawaiian islands.

Her family-roots take her far back in time. Her direct ancestors are found in the royal family of the time of the Hawaiian kingdom, as well as in the lineages of the hula masters (kahula), the lua masters (kalua) and the seers (kahuna). Puna travels in the footprints of her ancestors (amongst other destinations) to Europe to strengthen the cultural bridges and to support world peace.

"Aloha kaua, I look forward to visiting and meeting all of you. In coming to your country, Germany, I hope to re-establishing the ancient sharing of breath and spirit as my ancestors of Hawaii did in the past. I know that the appreciation of this experience with you will further the bonds of family and strengthen the relationship of community there in Germany and here on Kauai. Mahalo, Puna e"