Paul Schridde

Adventurer, PJ Adventure
Paul first laid eyes on the light of day in Geesthacht in Schleswig-Holstein where he spent his childhood on a Demeter organic farm. Through this he early on learned to appreciate contact with nature and continued to cultivate this connection. Because of this he hit the road a lot and started looking for adventure. The older he got, the bigger and more intense they became.

At the age of 17, meanwhile living in Hamburg, Paul spontaneously decided to do a tour by bike through Germany and shortly after that was determined to expand his limits. As a result, he made several trekking tours, some of them covering more than 100 kilometers all over Germany, he experienced extreme nights during "survival days", tried bushcrafting and rode a bicycle tour along the Baltic Sea. But his travel highlight is still the bike tour with Felix, his "Adventure Buddy", from Berlin to Rome.

Soon Paul wanted to share his adventures with the people in the world-wide-web and created his YouTube channel. Creating videos, from shooting to editing, fascinated him so much and YouTube seemed to be a perfect platform for it. This was no mistake.