Nicola Bramigk

Designer, travel jounalist and travel content producer
Nicola Bramigk is the founder and soul of Smart Travelling.

She operates the travel app Smart Travelling with over 50 cities and regions with a focus on Europe, the USA and Africa and we produce the book series „Ein perfektes Wochenende .... in" and „Eine perfekte Woche ....in " in cooperation with the Süddeutsche Zeitung with over 1.2 million books already sold.

For over 15 years, she travelled the world, always on the lookout for something unique with a taste. Hand picked, authentic places, people or products that have a special personal story.

The designer Nicola Bramigk searches for, supports, develops and designs holiday homes for clients in Puglia, South Tyrol and Rome.

Her latest project is the WorkawayHotel platorm. The idea is to exchange longer and deeper in beautiful hotels with community spaces, at more suitable conditions, and to work and live in a different environment for a week to none month.