Photo: Berlinstagram
Location: Salerno

Michael Schulz

Photographer & Instagram Expert, Berlinstagram
Michael started out on Instagram shortly after it was released in 2010. Choosing the catchy name “Berlinstagram”, his candid photos of his chosen home Berlin quickly became popular within the Instagram community.

Over the years Michael graduated from the smartphone to a professional camera and expanded his focus from Berlin to photographing his travels all over the world. While visiting more than 35 countries in 5 years his popularity rose, eventually growing @Berlinstagram to over half a million followers.

Having a solid background in marketing, art direction and social media as well as being a professional photographer, Michael’s approach today is two-fold: While he continues to travel, completes photo assignments and grows his instagram account, he now does much of his work behind the scenes. As a consultant, Michael works with companies like Huawei or Koelnmesse to develop and implement strategies for Instagram.