Marco Buch

Adventurer & Travel Blogger
Marco Buch is a curious person and avid traveller.

After his studies of mass communication, he worked in more than 100 jobs in various countries before becoming a location scout and producer in the Berlin film industry. Travelling and storytelling remained his passion. By now, Marco has travelled through 84 countries on all continents and published four books with travel stories, completed numerous unusual film projects and has added a few more strange jobs to his portfolio. He has driven Tuk Tuks through South East Asia and junkyard cars to the Ukraine, sunk on a selfmade raft in Thailand and spent some time stuck next to a pack of lions in Tanzania. He has fainted during his attempt of hiking 100 kilometers, has wandered through the Philippines in a wild odyssey, has ridden a ghost buffalo in Myanmar and was drugged in a bar in Thailand because he probably sang for too long. Marco is a lot older than he looks and a lot less wise than he probably should be.

Marco Buch usually lives out of a backpack, but keeps returning to his farmhouse in Brandenburg between his travels, where he works on his personal recipe for elderberry liqueur.