Lisa Kinne

Digital Aviation & Tourism, Bitkom e.V.
Lisa Kinne is responsible for the committees Digital Aviation & Tourism at Bitkom e.V., where she deals with the potential of digitization for the tourism industry, among others. Various topics around Travel Technologies are examined with regard to the further development of tourism. Buzz words such as Internet of Things, Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Open Data will also be addressed from an application perspective.

As a student of International Business and Economic Geography, she has been involved with digital strategies in business development as well as spatial development from an early stage. In addition, she was able to gain practical experience in tourism companies, such as until 2015 at a holiday home, 2016 at the GNTB in Milan, 2017/2018 at a tourism consultancy and 2018 at Small Planet Airlines. Innovation management, online marketing and digital business development have always been core areas of her work.

At Shop Shift she will talk about "The Future of Travel Retail".