Liora Bels

Plant-Based Chef, Nutrition Expert & Author
Traveling and living abroad for many years has given Liora valuable insights and inspiration into aesthetic and culinary expression, as well as the art of living well. It has nourished her long-sowed fascination with the components of a healthful lifestyle and mindful nutrition, with its beneficial effects and healing properties. Liora chose to deepen her dedication by broadening her knowledge and devoting herself to this career path. Her aim is to help people feel their best and to improve the quality of their lives. She has studied with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Matthew Kenney’s Plantlab Culinary, and Gabby Bernstein, among others.

Liora’s philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach. It is based on fundamental foundations integrating the emotional, nutritional, physical, mental, as well as the spiritual and social aspects of life. Her work is driven by passion and love, by her conviction that cultivating a community that is based on a well-being-oriented culture and value system will make a change in the way we show up in this world. It can ensure a better future for us and the planet. Being a mindful and happy Mama of two, it is dear to her heart to live a wholesome life. Liora is keen on collaborating with people, companies, and brands who share the same vision and philosophy to make this world a more healthful and kinder place.