Leo Sibeth & Sebastian Ohlert

Responsible World Travelers
Leo Sibeth and Sebastian Ohlert quit their jobs and apartments in order to travel around the world by public transport in March 2017. Over the course of the months, the trip, planned as a one-year time-out, develops into an unlimited project. After 1001 days, they return home from the West without ever having set foot in an airplane.

For Leo and Sebastian, travelling is more than just seeing the most beautiful places in the world. For them it is above all their encounters with people that make being on the road a lasting memory. Therefore they try to meet strangers as openly and unbiased as possible in order to get an idea of how life in different countries "feels" and what moves people in everyday life.

On their travel blog eins2frei the two let their readers participate in the experiences of their sustainable circumnavigation of the world.