Katharina Becker

Founder & Visionary, Touch Kauai
In 2001 Katharina followed her heart's call to come to Hawaii. There, her intense encounters with the ancient energy of the islands, and with the deep wisdom of the island’s inhabitants awakened in her memories of a state of complete harmony. Her heart began to sing. Deep inside Katharina heard the voice 'home, this is home’.

Today she is very grateful that she has courageously trusted this inner voice to move to the Hawaiian island of Kauai in 2002.

Since then she has received visitors from all over the world to open doors, to build the cultural bridge and - together with the treasures of Kauai - to remember the inner treasures within us, such as basic trust, joy, lightness, intuition, infinite potential and deep inner knowledge.

"I am serving as a catalyst for uplifting discovery of inner truth, through inspiration, encouragement and the 'Spirit of Aloha'.”