Jens Schäfer

Jens Schäfer, a native of the Black Forest, lives in Berlin, where he writes scripts for television and books about love, life and the Black Forest. In the fall of 2020, he published "Total alles über den Schwarzwald," a colorful book full of infographics and entertaining charts. "The Black Forest has probably never been explained so clearly," wrote the Badische Zeitung. And the Welt am Sonntag praised "that even connoisseurs of the region can still find things worth knowing in this colorful atlas of peculiarities."
Because so much has happened in the Black Forest in recent years, Jens Schäfer is currently revising his "Gebrauchsanweisung für den Schwarzwald" for Piper Verlag. The new edition will be published in September. There's no question that Jens Schäfer loves the Black Forest, which has so much more to offer than Bollenhüte, ham and cherry tarts. His dream: to once make the Westweg from Pforzheim to Basel.