Photo: Harald Schaffer
Location: Äthiopiens

Harald Schaffer

Harald Schaffer, born 1984 in Vienna, is a freelance photojournalist with a focus on travel reports. He has produced three multimedia presentations so far: Ladakh, Morocco and Ethiopia.

It took a number of detours until he landed in this profession. After school, he began studying law and switched to geography two years later. As soon as he had saved up enough money, however, he interrupted his studies to travel and it dragged on forever. His unambitious studies only changed when he discovered photography.

At the age of 28 he began his third study course: photo journalism, and started to give presentations about his travels. He wrote warnings, that one can not make a living from it, pompously in the wind. He was prepared to endure the uncertainty from one project to the next. Even if that was easier said than done in the first years - there was no alternative: photojournalist was for him the most beautiful profession in the world.