Gerhard Czerner

Gerhard already started his cycling career during his training as a bicycle mechanic. He was able to achieve several podium places at German championships in the bicycle trial. After several years he put his bike almost completely aside and turned to mountaineering and climbing.

In 2013, he started to realize his own travel plans and ideas. Since then, he has been on the road every year, working on major projects together with film-makers and photographers. As a biker, organizer and author he can combine his enthusiasm for mountaineering and cycling. Therefore Gerhard often climbs high mountains: Djebel Toubkal (4167m), Mt Kenya (4900m), Kilimanjaro (5895m) or finally the attempt to reach the third highest volcano on earth, Lllullaillaco (6739m). He does not select these destinations with the focus on achieving an outstanding sporting performance there, but chooses them based on his personal interest to go there.