Florian Smit & Lisa Marie Schauer

Nature Photography
Florian Smit (26) works as a professional nature photographer and is currently living in a small town near Bremen, together with his girlfriend Lisa Marie Schauer (25).

Since early childhood he was drawn to nature. His camera and the passion for photography joined him little later. In 2012 he dropped out of high school and began a photographic education. He graduated in summer 2015 as one of the three best graduates in Germany. Since then, the Nikon photographer has been working as a self-employed freelancer - working on photo projects around the world, selling FineArt prints, giving workshops, writing for renowned magazines, giving lectures and presenting multivisionshows.

Together with his girlfriend Lisa Marie, he fulfills his lifelong dream of traveling. The two already know each other from school and have lived together for almost eight years.

Lisa Marie Schauer was born in 1993 in Cologne. From 2012 to 2015 she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Public Management in Hanover. In addition to her administration work, she supports Florian with his freelance jobs and upcoming projects. She tries to accompany him on as many trips as possible.