Clemens Sehi

Author, Journalist & Photographer, Travellers Archive
Clemens Sehi is a book author, travel journalist, travel blogger, creative director, copywriter and photographer. He was the Talent of the Year at the Hamburg School of Ideas, studied theatre, film- and television, philosophy and political science. He also worked in theater dramaturgy and the active film business. You can find him in the Guiness Book of Records for the longest piece of music in the world. His photo documentaries from Iran were exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Together with Anne Steinbach he vividly shares thrilling travel stories from more than 90 countries on the bilingual travel blog travellersarchive.de. They both constantly follow their passion for unusual destinations such as Pakistan, Senegal, Lebanon, Ethiopia or Iran. The goal of the German and English speaking travel blog, known from BBC, Travel & Leisure, Spiegel Online, Forbes, Washington Post and more, is clear: To give an honest impression of the world, besides from travel trends and Insta posts.