Beatrix Schell

Managing Partner Genussreisen GmbH
If there is anyone who can create the perfect gourmet trip, then it is Beatrix Schell. For more than 15 years, she and her team of gourmet travellers have been travelling the globe in search of the best gourmet experiences.

Born in Hungary, she grew up on a vineyard on the northern lakeside of the Balaton, among other places. Influenced by the breathtaking countryside, the silence and the fragrances of the vineyards and grapes, she decided to start her own business after finishing her studies.

On her tours, travellers can look forward to authentic encounters with passionate producers of culinary delicacies and overnight stays in idyllic hotels with unspoiled charm.

Genussreisen has now also adopted a virtual version of this concept and offers six different gourmet regions in the form of culinary experience boxes combined with the matching virtual tour. Let us surprise you with the way you can enjoy a culinary break without leaving home!