Anne Steinbach

Author, Journalist & Photographer, Travellers Archive
Born on the coast, raised in Berlin, but still the happiest on the road. Anne studied International Business, but quickly realised that this wasn't her best idea. Lastly at the point when everyone started an internship at huge companies, while she headed to the Ivory Coast, she knew she needed something else. She put an imaginary hook behind business administration and studied journalism. Her studies and the following jobs not only allowed her to work for well-known media outlets, but also gave her the opportunity to live in seven different countries. Ever since, she never really unpacked her backpack again and had to remove her scratch map more than 70 times from the picture frame.

The book author, journalist, online editor and photographer prefers to travel through extraordinary polarizing destinations. To this day, Anne relies on all her trips to the best partner: her gut feeling.

Together with Clemens Sehi she is vividly sharing thrilling travel stories from more than 90 countries on their bilingual travel blog travellersarchive.de. They both constantly follow their passion for unusual destinations such as Pakistan, Senegal, Lebanon, Ethiopia or Iran. The goal of the German and English speaking travel blog, known from BBC, Travel & Leisure, Spiegel Online, Forbes, Washington Post and more, is clear: To give an honest impression of the world, besides from travel trends and Insta posts.