Ana Zirner

Mountaineer, author, mountain hiking guide
Ana Zirner is a freelance writer, professional mountaineer and mountain guide who has attracted attention for her long solo tours in the Alps and Pyrenees, and most recently on the Colorado River. Raised in the Bavarian Alps, she is always drawn back to the mountains even from the big cities where she has lived for many years (Berlin, New York, Madrid), which she is also making the center of her life professionally in 2018. Ana Zirner gives many talks on her tours and sustainable living on the road and is committed to climate protection, also as a member of the POW (Protect Our Winters) Riders Alliance. In 2018, Piper Verlag published her book "Alpensolo", in which she reports in a strong and emotional voice on her nearly 2000-kilometer east-west crossing of the Alps solo. Most recently, "Rivertime" was published in 2020, in which she gives a gripping account of her 90-day journey on the Colorado River. She currently lives in Oberaudorf near the Wilder Kaiser.