Photo: Lukasz Chrobok


The travel guide to unwind
The WEEKENDER series is the perfect companion for excursions and short trips to places not far from large cities. One can find wonderful places, restaurants, shops and accommodation. For a weekend or longer. Any season. With friends, family or alone.

The Frenz publishing house and its book series WEEKENDER was established in 2018 out of Eli Frenz´s love of good photography and the joy of discovering new places. The passionate traveler of the North Sea has always been very versatile: Hamburger, accomplished carpenter, owner of a hotel in the south of France, Hamburger again, head of a catering company, photo editor, mother of three and Managing Director of a content agency. Due to high demand, the first WEEKENDERS have already been reprinted several times and the series continues to grow. Which does not surprise anyone except Eli Frenz.