We Hate Tourism Tours

Experience Portugal (differently)
We hate Tourism Tours is a different kind of tour company, interested in making you understand and live Portuguese culture rather than just see it.

In 2010 Bruno, a son of the crisis, put together a group of unemployed friends, like journalists, psychologists, photographers, and rabble-rousers, creating We hate Tourism Tours. They did not study Lisbon in a classroom - they live it. According to We hate Tourism Tours they do not do anything special. There is no big concept or philosophy behind their tours. Instead, they just share their love (and hate) for living in Portugal with all the good and bad stuff. Simple things like why Portuguese are "lazy and stupid", how politicians here are so so smart, and how Fado music affects their progress. We hate Tourism Tours will show you everything!

Giving Back

Lisbon Sustainable Tourism is a project they created to work with older people and young children from poor areas of the city. With the money made from the tours, events are being organized to give back to the community and most importantly, building bridges between locals and tourists.