Travel Kollekt

Inspiration platform and travel books
Be the author of your journey! Travel Kollekt is designed to empower travelers to organize travel research and create their own travel books.

Travel Kollekt is an on-demand publishing tool that brings paper and books back to the travel experience. The company bridges digital with analog, using reverse printing to create a new tactile and aesthetic experience. The tool is designed to empower people to organize their travel research and enable them to create their own travel books. It is a new approach towards responsible travel, giving people authorship of their journey — the perfect solution for independent travelers looking for personalization and inspiration.

Giving Back

Travel Kollekt empowers responsible travellers. They do this by tackling the first barrier to sustainable behaviour: a lack of information. The tools, authors, and creators play a role in encouraging people to travel mindfully – that planning, sustainability, and serendipity can go hand in hand.