Adventures that broaden your horizon
TAKE OFF Erlebnisreisen is a Hamburg based, independent tour operator offering long-distance and adventure trips in Latin America, Asia, and the South Seas as well as in Africa and the Orient.

After studying in LA in the 1980s, Jürgen Janßen bought a 68-passenger Plymouth Station car to travel to Mexico, and at the same time found his business idea. To fund his journey, he offered tourists a ride from the airport to Mexico. TAKE OFF Reisen was born, and for 37 years the organizer has been offering long-distance and adventure tours. Jürgen always remains faithful to his philosophy of introducing guests to the culture and local people on individual trips, always off the beaten track.

Giving Back

TAKE OFF offers climate-friendly and socially responsible activities, and works with sustainable lodges/hotels. Furthermore, TAKE OFF invests in group travel in pioneering technologies for reducing CO² emissions and supports social and ecological projects and organizations in the target areas.