Photo: Felix Plehn
Location: Superbude

Superbude Hotel Hostel Home

When we travel in today’s cosmos, we want to experience something special, something different, something that stays in our hearts – even after we say goodbye. We want to evolve with the city we visit, with its people, and finally become part of it. Welcome to Hamburg, welcome to your Hotel, Hostel, and Home, welcome to Superbude.

Why Superbude? Because we like to create, we work to develop, we watch things evolve, we enjoy laughter and sunny faces, we act in concert, we like music, we enjoy breakfast, we prefer quality to quantity, we reach out, we struggle and get back up, we are full of emotions, we strive, we open our home, we like people, we move, we are professional, we are personal, we are diverse and we are authentic, we talk to people and we listen, we love to host, we choose and we change, we grow, we have our eyes wide open. We want to be a platform for a community of guests, employees and locals to inspire exchange. We look forward to meeting you in the most vibrant corners of the city... you are welcome!
Come and stay at Superbude, stay with us – stay golden.

Giving Back

Since 2012 Suberbude has been tested and certified by the QUB = Quality Association of Environmentally Conscious Companies. In addition to sustainable energy supply, they are involved in the sustainable processing of food, no waste! Social engagement such as partnerships and community are important to the company.