For nomads, by nomads!
SafetyWing is building a social safety net tailored to the needs of online freelancers and entrepreneurs that covers you worldwide.

SafetyWing is offering a worldwide travel medical insurance for digital nomads. The needs of digital nomads can’t be met by traditional structures of insurance made for full-time employees, so SafetyWing wants to reinvent the way travel insurance is being used. The first step on this journey is a travel medical insurance product that covers you worldwide. The company is building out a product collection of insurance, pension savings, and income protection - that in the future will be available as a membership.

Giving Back

As nomads themselves, the team found that the two biggest problems they face are a lack of a portable social safety net, as well as a lack of a strong and stable network. Their goal is to reinvent the way we use travel insurance and create a global safety net for nomads and remote workers worldwide.