Lokal Travel

Unique, sustainable adventures
Lokal makes it easy for travelers to book impactful, culturally immersive experiences around the world. Plan a vacation or day trip, it's up to you!

What if you could take the most incredible trip of your life and also have a positive impact? From trips that support indigenous conservation efforts in the Amazon to women-run homestay networks in Nepal, Lokal makes it easy to plan your ideal culturally immersive adventure. Our founders are nonprofit professionals, documentary filmmakers and technology enthusiasts who believe all good journeys start local. We've built a proprietary booking platform and produced an award-winning documentary film about rainforest conservation. Check us out in the 2020 New York Times Guide to Sustainable Travel!

Giving Back

On average, only $5 out of $100 spent by an international traveler stays in the region visited. It doesn’t have to be this way. With Lokal, travelers directly support local, sustainable businesses furthering cultural and environmental conservation while empowering entrepreneurs and communities.