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Carry the world’s hottest travel destinations in your pocket! The Local’s Lore App is the so-called Pinterest of digital travel platforms. With Local’s Lore, you can create and curate your own city guides and make them 100% yours, while being a part of a like-minded traveler community.

Local’s Lore is a community-driven, design-forward digital travel guide and App aiming to become the number one niche platform where one can create and curate city guides. The Local’s Lore App supports both the pre-and post-arrangements of your travels and is handy en route as well. Local’s Lore is not just a tool but an attitude; seeing things through locals’ eyes instead of settling on a tourist’s routine of destinations. Whether you are a local in any of our cities or an out-of-towner, Local’s Lore will always have something fresh to offer.