Handgemacht Saale.Unstrut

The land of wine and stone
The regional brand in Saale-Unstrut brings craftsmanship and enjoyment to life. Take it into your own hands and discover the land of wine and stone!

Picturesque vineyards, species-rich river landscapes, castles, palaces, cathedrals and monasteries telling unbelievable stories - Welcome to Saale-Unstrut! Relax, take a deep breath, focus on the essentials, consciously enjoy. Experience care, tradition, and passion - handmade! In Saale-Unstrut you get all that.
Explore the chocolaty world of the Halloren in Halle, make sweets in Zeitz, experience wine growing in Freyburg or work with colored church glass in the Naumburg Cathedral. Handmade Saale.Unstrut - because what could be more beautiful than handmade and homemade?