Location: Germany


Travel your way
fromAtoB is a travel companion, helping travelers like you to find the journey that fits their needs. Mix and match planes, trains, buses and carpooling, to find and book the cheapest, fastest or most environmentally-friendly option for you.

fromAtoB began in 2008 as three university classmates from Aachen. Booking trips home was a headache, so they set out to build the most flexible travel search engine across Europe. Now, with 1.5million searches per month, they are giving control of the journey back to the traveler, so you can Travel Your Way.

Giving Back

Every journey has an environmental impact, but emissions vary a lot depending on the mode of transport. fromAtoB automatically calculates how much CO2 each trip would emit so you can make a decision based on full information. Then, if you like, you can sort your options to choose the most sustainable.