Travelling for a better tomorrow
Fairaway offers individualized travel experiences that benefit local communities. Authentic, fair and sustainable.

Tourism done right entails much more than just visiting places. For the traveler, it means escaping the daily routine and experiencing life elsewhere, for the destinations and the people it offers a chance for a better future. Fairaway strives to utilize the positive impact of tourism and ensuring that places to travel remain good places to live. Travelers will discover places off the beaten path and get to know locals. Fairaway connects travelers with local experts to design tailor-made, high-quality travel experiences with a focus on nature and the local population.

Giving Back

Fairaway’s entire operation is based on sustainability to benefit the planet and people involved. The company reduces single-use plastic on their tours as much as possible. Travelers can also take an active part and become plastic reporters. Furthermore, Fairaway offsets 100% of CO2 emission they cannot avoid.