Photo: Barbara Vidal
Location: Mallorca


Worn by the sea
COA GOA stands playfully for "comes around goes around" which describes the company's creative concern to see people as part of a cycle, as ethical and responsible creators.

The start-up company COA GOA, founded in 2019, specialises in the production of bags from recycled sails. The two founders Ines Häfner and Ursula Piber combine their appreciation for nature with aesthetic and smart upcycling and give used sails a new life. The quality of the sails and the use of simple and high-quality natural materials create the unique character of a COA GOA bag and give each bag its own characteristic patina over time. COA GOA offers a total of four bags and a necessaire in its debut collection: ALLROUNDER, DAILY, WEEKENDER, MESSBAG and TOGETHER.