Accessories protecting the ocean
They are one of the biggest dangers in our oceans: lost and intentionally dumped fishing nets. Together with Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing these deadly traps are being retrieved and upcycled to bracelets - the Bracenets.

The Bracenet is more than a bracelet, it is a personal and unique statement for the protection of our oceans. Every Bracenet means one less dumped fishing net. Together with marine conservation organizations Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing, the company Bracenet frees reefs and shipwrecks of fishing nets that have been lost or intentionally dumped. After being retrieved, the nets are cleaned and treated by their partner Nofir. The nets are then further hand-processed in Hamburg and made ready for dispatch. Each finished Bracenet is a unique piece because of the varying net structures, colors, and sizes.

Giving Back

For each product sold 10% is being donated to Healthy Seas to finance new retrieval trips.