Photo: Janos Benjamin Vertes
Location: Mongolia

Beyond the Standard

Unique adventures of a lifetime
Beyond the Standard is a travel agency designing unique travel experience for adventurers, outdoor lovers, ski, snowboard, surf and, motorcycle enthusiasts.

Beyond the Standard is an independent designer travel agency, which was launched in order to share their passion for winter sports, surfing, motorcycle, and van life touring with anyone interested in an exclusive experience. Creating the perfect journey for someone else can only be achieved through detail-oriented planning based on first-hand experience. Beyond the Standard only offers a limited number of trips because they believe that their tours should be tailor-made to fulfill the expectations of their customers, who trust them with designing a holiday experience for them which would be remembered for life.

Giving Back

Beyond the Standard designs their trips to be eco-friendly and educates their customers about sustainable living. They help their guests understand different cultures and provide locals with job opportunities. Taking care of the environment gives the company the opportunity to be able to re-visit these incredible places in the future.