Travel to Connect with Your Inner Self

How traveling for an Ayurveda retreat can heal and connect your body, mind and soul.

Why do we love to travel? Seeing new places and capture Instagrammable moments? For many of us it’s time to go beyond. Travelers all around the globe strive for a deeper meaning that comes along with travel plans. Be it integrating yoga or meditation practices, social work, environmental purposes – you name it! Off the beaten path of our fast-paced world, we want to focus on connecting with ourselves again. According to Ayurveda every act, thought, or decision that we take is to connect to this purest self of ours. Today with the technology and human disconnection at the physical level, nature travel, and connecting with people is a great antidote for disconnection.

Dr. Vignesh Devraji will take you on that journey towards your inner self and show, how integrating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda may change your life – not only whilst travelling.